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Nightmare Before Christmas Doctor’s Name

Tuesday, October 16th 2018. | Merry Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Doctor's Name

Other Names. Mad Scientist. Doctor. Dr. Finkelstein is a resident of Halloween. over Christmas by bringing to life several skeletal reindeer to pull Jack's sleigh.
Source Dr. Finkelstein is a resident of Halloween Town, the wheelchair-bound mad scientist and the creator of Sally in Tim Burton's 1993 stop-motion Disney film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Henry Selick in The Nightmare Before Christmas. .. No credits are shown, except the company and the film's name.
I got an insert selling some nightmare stuff and I thought it was funny that they called him 'Dr. Finkelstein'. Then I googled and noticed that's .
We all love art and mashups! Check out this awesome art mashup, DOCTOR WHO MEETS DISNEY by Karen Hallion. Watch some of your favorite Disney .
Sequel to 'What's In A Name'. The Doctor takes Clara to Christmas Town for a little holiday, but things go downhill quickly when she gets curious as to the world .