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    1200+ Delegates
    30+ Speakers
    4 Days
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    • + "No Escape" Music Album Launch
    • + Capture The Flag - Bio Warfare
    • + Hacker's Fashion Show
    • + Drone Wars
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    05 - 06 November, 2015
    The Ashok
    New Delhi

    07 - 08 November, 2015
    India Habitat Centre
    New Delhi
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    Startup Expo
    Exhibition of Cyber Security Startups
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    Capture The Flag
    Apocalypse Bio Warfare
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Ground Zero Summit 2015


5th - 8th November

Ground Zero Summit is the largest collaborative platform in Asia for Cyber security experts and researchers to address emerging cyber security challenges and demonstrate cutting-edge technologies. Ground Zero Summit is the exclusive platform in the region providing opportunities to establish and strengthen relationships between corporate, public sector undertakings (PSUs), government departments, security and defense establishments.

Living on from the huge successes of Ground Zero Summit 2013, New Delhi and Ground Zero Summit 2014, New Delhi & Colombo; 2015 promises to bring hackers and information security experts from all over Asia under one roof. It will showcase indigenous products and ingenious brains working in the field of information security to the world. Ground Zero Summit (G0S) is being organized by the Indian Infosec Consortium (IIC), which is an independent not-for-profit organization formed by leading cyber experts.

The Objective

As the flagship event of Indian Infosec Consortium, Ground Zero Summit was initiated to be the largest collaborative platform in Asia for hackers, cyber security experts and researchers. The objective being to encourage research and development of avant-garde information security products in the region, and exhibit path-breaking technologies in the cyber security domain - both defensive and offensive.

The Concept

The Summit gets its name from a piece of ancient Indian history. India is the ground where zero was discovered. It is the land that gave the world the place-value system and the decimal system. Zero is the reason why infinite numbers can be framed. Also zero is an integral part of the binary number system which is the base of digital electronics. It is this power and magic of zero that the Summit celebrates and derives its name from.

Who will attend?

  • Hackers and cyber security experts from around the world
  • Senior officials from the Government and private sector
  • Senior members of corporates like CIOs/CTOs/CISOs
  • Aspiring information security professionals and students
  • Policymakers, scientists, researchers and academia

Why Attend?

  • Find out how to develop a robust security strategy that will protect systems from cyber risks
  • Discover why cyber security has changed from being an IT issue to a major national issue
  • Hear what senior policymakers/government officials are doing to combat cyber threats to national security, government services, businesses and citizens
  • Network with information security experts from government agencies, critical infrastructure companies, software providers and other organizations
  • Learn how law enforcement officers are collaborating with businesses to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute cyber criminals